2nd Annual Conference
[Hybrid - In-Person and Online]

24-26 June 2022


Istanbul Medipol University South Campus

Göztepe Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi No: 40 Beykoz, 34815, Istanbul- Turkey

In partnership with

Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and Hamad Bin Khalifa University
The University of Sheffield, University of Bradford, and University of Southampton

Theme: The Role of Accounting, Finance & Governance in Sustainability and Sustainable Development


The intrinsic bias in traditional finance, accounting, and governance models is liable for much of the pollution, and inequalities in resource allocation in society and nations. The notion of shareholder wealth maximisation, excessive management compensation, and minimal importance to the needs of other stakeholders have also significantly added value to the limitation of traditional finance, accounting, and governance models. Enhanced policy making on sustainability and sustainable development is therefore crucial for combating the problems caused by corporations which is necessary for the future of our planet. It is therefore argued that establishing new models on sustainable finance, accounting, and governance will be significantly important for bringing not only sustainability but also equality and diversity in resource allocation in society and communities.

The United Nation’s [UN] 2030 vision for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and role of governments in achieving net zero economies are therefore regarded as significant developments towards the sustainability of our planet. It is therefore argued that for achieving the UNs sustainable development goals a close network should be established between government bodie, and private and public sector organisations. This network should be engaged in promoting responsible and sustainable business practices worldwide. Moreover, the role of board of directors in strategic decision making about finance, accounting, accountability, and governance related models is also crucial and need further research. We therefore argue that in the current context the role of sustainable finance, accounting and governance is crucial and related research should be at the heart of the research agenda all over the world.

The launch of the second annual conference covering ‘The role of Accounting, Finance & Governance in Sustainability and Sustainable Development’ under the platform of ASFAAG is a significant effort towards sustainability and attainment of the UN’s sustainable development goals. The conference intends to bring academics, practitioners and policy makers under one platform to initiate a debate on the role of corporations in sustainability and sustainable development. The conference is expected to produce more awareness about responsible and sustainable business practices for the protection of the environment,society, communities, and nations.

The Academy of Sustainable Finance, Accounting, Accountability & Governance [ASFAAG] is proud to host this conference with its partners, and researchers from all over the world are encouraged to submit their completed manuscripts or work in progress for presentation in the conference.

Conference Themes

Main theme: The Role of Accounting, Finance & Governance in Sustainability and Sustainable Development


1. Sustainable Finance and Green Banking

2. Sustainability Accounting and Accountability

3. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure

5. Sustainable Public Sector Governance

6. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Disclosure

7. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Integrated Reporting

8. IFRS and Sustainability Reporting Standards

9. FinTech, Innovation, and Sustainable Finance

10. Sustainable Corporate Governance

11. Carbon Emission Disclosure

12. Net Zero Emissions and Productivity

13. Private Sector Collaboration with Governments and NGOs for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

14. Responsible Business Practices and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

15. Responsible Banking and UN Financial Initiative

16. Poverty Alleviation, Microfinance, and Blue Banking

17. Responsible Business and Environmental Finance

18. Deforestation, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Global Warming, and Sustainability

19. Extinction Accounting Framework and Conservation

20. Social, Environmental, and Sustainability Reporting

21. Boardroom Committees for Implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

22. Environment Activist and Civil Society Representation in the Boardroom

23. Inclusion in the Workplace, Employee Welfare and Diversity, Employee Representation in the Board

24. Female Board Member, Gender Equality, and Gender Pay Gap

25. Child Labour, Forced Labour, and Modern Slavery

26. Outsourcing CO2 Emission to the Developing Countries

27. All other areas of Accounting, Finance, and Corporate Governance

Academic Keynote Speakers

Professor Gazi Islam


Journal of Business Ethics

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Professor Wenxuan Hou


British Accounting Review

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Professional Keynote Speakers
Meet the Editors Panel
Roundtable Panel on Sustainability Practices in Emerging Countries

Important Dates

Submission deadline

31st May 2022

Notification of Review Results

31st May 2022

Registration Deadline

7th June 2022

Registration Fee

Standard Registration Fee*


Full Time PhD Students Fee*


*Gala dinner included

Conference Awards

ASFAAG Best Paper Award

ASFAAG Best PhD Paper Award

Organizing Committee

Prof. Sabur Mollah, University of Sheffield, UK

Prof. Saeed Akbar, University of Bradford, UK

Prof. Jill Atkins, University of Sheffield, UK

Prof. Collins Ntim, University of Southampton, UK

Prof. Khaled Hussainey, University of Portsmouth, UK

Prof. Mehmet Babacan, Istanbul Medipol University and CBRT, TR

Prof. Nurullah Gur, Istanbul Medipol University, TR

Prof. Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Hamdan Bin Khalifa University, QA

Dr. Selim Suleyman, Director, Head of Sectoral Committees Department, ICC, TR

Dr. Huzeyfe Torun, Director, Structural Economic Research Department, CBRT, TR